Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

It maybe a little past Valentine's Day but you should always feel the love.


I was on facebook and one of my facebook friends owns Orage Creations (she has amazing stuff)
I went and checked out her store and i found this skin, so cute and I couldnt pass it up.
I also left with a couple other dress that I couldn't leave without getting either.
As for the lingerie, I was searching on marketplace (big surprise there everyone!) and I came across Izzie's. They have tons of cute stuff that any girl would love to have in her inven.

Their prices range anywhere from 1L (undies set) to 300L for most clothes and accessories. These clothes are well made and moderatly priced, so i will for sure be heading back to izzie's.

Style Notes:

model MEEEE (mara starflare)
Hair - Maitreya Nadja
Bra, Panties, & Stockings: Izzie's Heart Undies
shoes: Juicy Shoes - Victorian Ankle Boots
skin: Orage Creations Love Kiss Skin
Custom shape by Monroes

Bird is the word...

Now...knowing how I love my dollarbie deals and how addicted I am to the marketplace, I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon Bird Next Door Shop. 

 I'm pretty sure everything I found therewas 10L or less...which is good news for everyone out there! 

They have almost everything. Skins, shapes, jewelry, tattoos, tops, tanks, pants, and more. Everything that I got was either 1L or 5L which needless to say but a big ole smile on my face. These clothes are well made and cheap. Can't get any better than that.

Style notes:
Model: Mara Starflare (meeeee)
Hair - Magika Hair // Audrey
Blue top,  makeup War Paint tattoo, tattoo Flower (promo) & Black bangles - Bird Next Door Shop
Jeans - Deetalez Boot Cute Jeans in light blue
Custom shape by Monroes and Zuzu shapes

Friday, April 22, 2011


The Dressing Room Blue has some delicious goodies in their current collection, so after splurging on literally everything in the store, I decided to do my best Kate Moss and shimmy down the catwalk.

Close up of poppy lashes

Jacket, hair and skin can be found at : The Dressing Room Blue

P.S. A lot of people are asking where I get my base hair for the shaved hairs I always wear, well there are good ones all over SL but the one I use comes with the Glass Candy Hair from !Lamb. :o)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Free Dove Love...

A long time ago, when I was a noob, I used to shop @ Free Dove. With the sea of free stuff which is not that great out in SL it was nice that I found a place with decent freebies that didn't make me look like a blinged out disco hoochie mama. Dove has grown big time, with designers like PIG and KIM donating awesome designer duds to our noobie friends. And now Monroes has it's own outfit to throw into the mix with this diva-licious cross my heart sexy top and ripped up shorts. Come and scoop it up for free from Free Dove! You don't have to be new to SL to love a freebie!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cyber Punk

 I'm going through a white hair phase at the moment, and last night I scoured the grid looking for fellow av's that shared my futuristic sense of style.

After landing in various escort clubs (by accident!),  I finally found the  Aeon Flux sim.

The sim is perfecto for striking a pose amongst neon lights and flying cars which callously eject me over and over again >.<

Feeling accomplished after that lag-a-thon of a photo shoot, I decide to leave the sim and head back to Monroes. 

 Top: Disco Diva Top in Silver - Monroes 
Pants: Clarissa highwaisted jeans - Ricielli 

All photos taken on the Aeon Flux Sim 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Roses are black...

This little number is from Sacred Rose. It's pretty and sexy all at once and at only 50L you can't beat the price ;)

Go get it here: Sacred Rose

Gacha goodies, Noobie Love and More!

Ohai. Just a few new thingys in the store for you. First, I love me some noobie ( and I miss those days) so I decided to have an outfit at a special price for all those 30 days old and under only! I will be making a small section in the store dedicated to noob-only deals, so this is just a start! For now enjoy the baseball tee in peach kiss and my Monroe's Sweetheart shorts in white.
Frolicking at the Monroe's main store 

Alssooo I now have a cute little gacha machine full of all sorts of goodies, so come check it out and feel free to lounge on my comfy chair, it's what I do all day.

Last but not least, for all you winter goods lovers, my Winter Coat in Ash is FREE to all group members through February, so scoop it up while you can!

Coat, 30-day and under sale and gacha game can be found at Monroe's main store