Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

It maybe a little past Valentine's Day but you should always feel the love.


I was on facebook and one of my facebook friends owns Orage Creations (she has amazing stuff)
I went and checked out her store and i found this skin, so cute and I couldnt pass it up.
I also left with a couple other dress that I couldn't leave without getting either.
As for the lingerie, I was searching on marketplace (big surprise there everyone!) and I came across Izzie's. They have tons of cute stuff that any girl would love to have in her inven.

Their prices range anywhere from 1L (undies set) to 300L for most clothes and accessories. These clothes are well made and moderatly priced, so i will for sure be heading back to izzie's.

Style Notes:

model MEEEE (mara starflare)
Hair - Maitreya Nadja
Bra, Panties, & Stockings: Izzie's Heart Undies
shoes: Juicy Shoes - Victorian Ankle Boots
skin: Orage Creations Love Kiss Skin
Custom shape by Monroes

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